Emaks saamine muutis mind rohkem kui oleks kunagi oodanud. 10 aasatat peale esimese lapse, Augusta, sündimist suri mu armastatud ema. Mu laps pakkus mulle lohutust ja rõõmu kõige raskematel aegadel. See aeg oli minu jaoks muutusteks. Pidin endal eesmärgid õigesse järjekorda panema ning küsima endalt raskeid küsimusi...mllise jälje tahan endast jätta. Nii sündiski Hevea Planet.

Hevea Planet on kombinatsioon nii ema, kui ka firma tahtest luua laste-ja looduse sõbralikke tooteid nii enda lastele kui ka teie lastele ning harida vanemaid looduse säästmisest.

2009andast aastast on Hevea Planet kasvanud ning pakub beebitoodetele lisaks ka tooteid loomadele ja kodudesse üle 50 riigis.


Motherhood changed me in ways I would never imagine. 10 days after my first child Augusta was born, my beloved mom passed away. Needless to say my baby, my angel, brought joy in one of the darkest time of my life. This became a time of change for me. It forced me to put things in prospective and ask myself though questions about the meaning of life and the legacy I wanted to leave behind. This is when Hevea Planet was born.

Hevea Planet is the combination of a mom’s desire to create non-toxic and safer baby products for her own family and all of yours, and the ambition of a business entrepreneur to create a company who would contribute to lessen the carbon footprint ( which we refer to our fingerprints) we leave behind while educating parents all over the world on ways to take better care of our environment.

Our children will learn from our actions. Make them count.

Since 2009 Hevea Planet has grown to include not just baby items but HOME and PETS items as well, and it is currently distributed in over 50 countries, but still remains true to the same values and passion that have fueled its beginning.