Tikkerberry tootesari sündis noore ema kogemusest ja inspiratsioonist oma lapsest. Kõik materjalid on hoolekalt valitud, toksiliste ainete vabad ning toodetud euroopas. Pika tööprotsessi tulemusena loodi unikaalne disain, milles on märgatud igat pisemat detaili. Lisaks kvaliteetsele toodangule, oleme pannud rõhku ka pakendusele, mis pakuks rõõmu nii lapsele kui ka täiskasvanule, kellele see kleit hiljem uuesti kinkida erilisel tähtpäeval. 

The Tikkerberry product line was born out of the personal experience of a young mother, whose products have been designed with inspiration of her own child. All materials used have been carefully selected, free of toxins and manufactured in Europe. As a result of long and thorough work, we have created unique clothing items in which even the smallest detail has not gone unnoticed. In addition to producing a quality product, we have placed great care on the beautiful packaging – making it a beautiful gift to a young child as well as a dear childhood memorabilia that can be given to her at a special occasion later in her life.

Nimikleit kahepoolne - roosa/valge

Tavahind: 60.00 €
Suurused: 50, 56, 62